What makes a party great? If you answer starts with Pinterest and ends with Amazon Prime, then you are in good company. That was our answer too… but we still found ourselves running around cooking, cleaning, realizing we forgot to pick up ice & sweating by the time our guests arrived.

When Celebrated was born, we knew that we needed a simplify the party planning process… so every party we curated would offer our hosts & guests an incredible experience. We’ve coined it our “recipe”, mostly because we love to eat so it seemed fitting.

Ingredient 1: Choose a Theme

Oh the glory days before Pinterest! When you didn’t feel the pressure to be a professional party planner/DIY-er/Martha Stewart clone. Not everyone can craft a wall of ornate paper flowers with construction paper or make a veggie tray into an art sculpture…and besides that, who has the time?! We knew we’d need to offer a variety of party themes so we launched Celebrated with over 20 themes.

Ingredient 2: Choose a Date & Time

We can’t help you here but we will say, we’ve found 2 hours to be the ideal length of time for kids parties, bridal showers & baby showers. Just enough time to do an activity, open gifts and give the guest of honor time to socialize with all the party-goers.

Ingredient 3: Invite Your Guests

Anything goes these days with how you invite guests to your soiree. Personally, we prefer paper invites sent in the mail, but we get it, sometimes an online invite makes life a WHOLE LOT easier. We don’t include paper invitations in our celebrated boxes for this very reason, but we do offer invitations to match every theme as an add-on – just visit our invitations page.

Ingredient 4: Pick Decor to Bring Your Party to Life

This is the hardest part, so we make this easy on you! We believe parties should have enough décor to fill a room. Every Celebrated box has you covered and we also give you our secret sauce… tips & tricks to make sure every piece has a big impact with none of the hassle. Our goal: save you from “Pinterest fails” and hours of Etsy browsing.

Ingredient 5: Choose the Menu and Table Setting

All boxes come with dinner & dessert plates, cups, and flatware. And… the way to everyone’s heart? GREAT FOOD! Which is why every party comes with a menu link with recipes that tie back to your theme. Hopefully, this saves hours of “pinning” and praying it all turns out OK. We’ve tried all the recipes we offer- trust us, yum!

Ingredient 6: Plan a Fun Activity

One of the ways to up your hosting game is giving your guests something to do. 12 kids on a sugar high? Tame them with a craft, scavenger hunt or another theme-related activity. Hosting your sister-in-law’s baby shower with a bunch of her sorority sisters you don’t know? We’ve got you covered! Every adult party comes with the option to add activity cards that can be used for a baby shower, bridal shower, bachelorette party or engagement party.

Ingredient 7: Enjoy!

For us, the stress of getting everything together and making sure everyone was entertained… was enough for us to want to fast-forward to the end. WHAT!?!? We found ourselves just wanting to get through it & not actually having fun which totally defeats the purpose! Our goal is to do as much of the prep work for you so you may actually be able to shower & do your hair in plenty of time before your guests arrive.

Ingredient 8: Send Your Thanks

Want to leave a lasting impression? The answer is in gifts & gratitude! We give you favors and thank you notes that are sure to solidify your place as an “epic party thrower.” We think of all the details so you don’t have to. Warning: people will want to come back!